Conferencing Solution

Choosing the right Conferencing Solution for you and your business. There is tonnes of options and packages out there when it comes to video conferencing software so you really need to look hard at what you need it to be able to do and what functions best suit your needs.

Conferencing Solution

Lets start at looking at video conferencing as a whole. Video conferencing software is on huge demand right now and rightly so. It replicates that of an offline meeting for business and has huge potential to match it as closely as possible for a really low cost. In fact the cost can be as low as $ 8.97 for a 50 seat room. Thats a huge cut in cost for any small business. The cost obviously goes up depending on the size of the conference package you go with but its obvious it is still at a fraction of a cost to that of an offline meeting.

Conferencing Solution

To help you choose the correct conferencing solution for you I am going to list a few of the functions the latest packages offer and give you couple of pointers.

First pointer is to make sure you pay per package and not per seat. Many video conferencing providers still charge per seat. Although your still making a huge saving, you can take those savings one step further and pay per room. This is by far one out of two pointers which I hold highly.

The second pointer which really goes hand in hand with the first is to make sure that not only do you pay per room, but you also choose a video conferencing package which has no downloading and installing. Way to many conference providers still use their software with older technology which requires the downloading of software for them to install. This becomes messy because each attendee has to also download and install the software to enter the conference.

So based on my two pointers above you can see how important research is before jumping in. The aim of this article is to help you to make a good choice when choosing your video conferencing product. A bad example based on the above statement would be you paying $ 15 per attendee, you have 100 attendees with only half being able to join in because cross compatibility issues with installing the application. This does go on all the time and to avoid this simply take note of my key pointers.

Now lets look at what functions and uses are available to you with video conferencing. Most conference providers offer these features but not all offer them together. Some companies may do the full way video chat, without text chat, while others allow both but without desktop sharing.

The common features you can find are full way multi video chat, video sharing, file sharing, PowerPoint sharing, full way text chat, white board sharing, record conference function, multiple moderators, multiple guest chat, attendees toggles such as speak, ban and more.

All of the functions streamed from a live server with only a cost per room is an amazing valued product. This kind of video conferencing solution really does suit all and is most highly recommended. This kind of package is extremely affordable, and along with its functions will give you the closest you will get to that of an offline meeting.

Just think, no more travelling costs, venue costs, time management costs. Simply set up your conference room, send invites to the attendees and you can all meet together in real time with a whole host of tools and functions to enable you to share, demonstrate and communicate.

So before jumping into any old conferencing package make sure you follow my pointers here first. Big tip, its not always the well known conferencing names which offer the best solution. The majority of these charge way over the current rate and are missing many functions.>Video Conferencing Software is in demand but you need to choose wisely. Take a look at this solution with all the functions mentioned here.>conference software

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