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7 months late Hisense , TCL, Konka, Skyworth and other domestic companies have released several major TV Center Daily News Yu Ying notice, saying the main reason for its outstanding performance is the

Collectively Turn Over Foreign

Collectively Turn Over Foreign

Flat Panel TV Industry’s prosperity. Concern that the global economic crisis, China’s domestic flat-panel TV market, bucked the market’s prosperity began in the substantial price reduction of domestic color TV enterprises. So, this boom will last long?

Collectively Turn Over Foreign

Collectively Turn Over Foreign

Stand up local brands Hisense is the domestic color TV enterprises in several first interim report released in 2009 companies. The excellent performance of flat-panel TV business, the communique said: As the domestic market is facing a flat-panel TV to accelerate instead of the traditional

CRT (CRT) TV’s historical period, and the state launched a series of supportive policies such as home appliances to the countryside, further stimulating the market demand. The first half of this year, Hisense flat-panel TV sales grew 141%, of which domestic flat TV sales increase of close to 200%. The PRC, according to data from January to May 2009, Hisense

LCD TV With 16.91% market share in the first place.

Hisense three days after the report release, Skyworth

Digital (00751.HK) announcement that, in June 2009, Skyworth domestic TV sales was 39.9 million units, up 15%, CRT TV sales fell 75%, flat-panel TV sales up 312% year on year. Skyworth Group Deputy General Manager of SUN in the “electrical” told reporters that the first half of 2009, Skyworth domestic flat TV sales more than 2 million units, twice the same period last year.

TCL Group (000100.SZ) released sales data show that 1 in March 2009, a total of TCL Group

Sell Flat-panel TV 1.199 million units, up 122.4 percent. In the following 45 June, TCL flat-panel TVs remained about 90% year on year growth rate of the first half of 2009, TCL flat-panel TV sales reached 2.9313 million units, up 93.1%. TCL Multimedia Fei Yan, vice president of worldwide said: “The fastest growing market in China, an increase of 250%. From this rate of increase, household appliances to the countryside,

TM to Policies played a positive role. “

Changhong Group from early 2009 to begin a three-tier city “Rooted in action”, using home appliances to the countryside policy, the first half of this year, Changhong flat panel TV sales up over 30%. “

Addition, Konka, Haier’s sales have steadily flat-panel TVs. Konka Group’s operational management, according to Director of the Centre Sun Wenbo introduction, the first half of 2009, Konka flat panel TV retail volume share of almost 15%, with Konka module plant in use, the second half of Konka’s performance will be better. Haier Group, the Department of the domestic market

Marketing Project Manager Zhenglin Gang, said sales of flat-panel TVs Haier increase among the industry in the first half of 2009.

A few days ago, “the second quarter of 2009, China’s electronic information industry of economic performance cum TV industry conference” on Ovid Consulting statistics show that the second quarter of 2009, domestic brands in the retail sales of flat-panel market and retail sales share of 76%, respectively, and 53% over the same period last year rose 20 percent.

Contrast, Japanese and Korean flat-panel TV brand’s performance was a marked decline. In Yee’s survey data show that from January to May 2009, Samsung, Sony and Sharp LCD TV sales share of three enterprises from January to October last year dropped nearly 29% to 17.1%; revenue share from the last 1-10 months 38% to 28%. This year from January to May, retail sales share of top ten brands are: Hisense (16.91%), Skyworth (15.21%), TCL (13.13%), Konka (11.91%), Sharp (7.4%), Chang ( 7.12%), LG (5.65%), Samsung (5.1%), Haier (3.95%) and Sony (4.62%), including domestic brands accounted for 6 seats. 1-10 months of last year, retail sales share of top 10 manufacturers were: Hisense (11.02%), Samsung (10.82%), Skyworth (9.56%), Sharp (9.48%), Sony (9.03%), Konka (9%), TCL (8.16%), Philips (6.52%), Toshiba

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