Coach Key Chains

With everything going designer and a lot of people turning to designer stuff, why should it be any different with key chains? Coach has launched the new collection of designer key chains. There are a number of various designs and styles available in the coach key chains collection. Each coach key chain has a unique style and design of its own.

Coach Key Chains

A coach keychain is the perfect gift to give a person close to you or as thank you gift to show your appreciation. These key chains can also be given to someone as farewell gift so that they will always remember you when they look at it.

Coach Key Chains

You can choose from a variety of designs. Some of the models you can choose from are:

Coach Key Chains

Coach Pink Glass Key chain: this keychain has a unique design. It has a gold tone look with the coach medallion and in the centre there is a pink glass stone. The key chain has a length of 3″.

Coach Crystal turtle Keyfob: this is a very pretty keychain in silver in the shape of a turtle. It has a white stone in the centre and a total length of 3″.

Coach Silver Elephant Keychain: Another very cute keychain form the coach collection. This keychain as the name suggests is in the form of an elephant. Made of silver with a total length of 2 3/4″

Coach Keyfob Pave Open Heart: This is another great keychain. Pink pave with silver hardware. It has a total length of 3 1/2 “.

Coach Garden Mix Keyfob: This keychain has a nice design with garden tools. It’s a multi colored keychain made of metal and the ring is made of silver tone. It has a total length of 4″

Coach Bleecker charm Keyfob: a very trendy keychain with 5 different charms along with the coach logo. It’s made of gold tone and has a very antique look. The length of the keychain is 5 1/2 “.

These designs and many such designs are there to choose from. They are of superior quality and they last for a long without getting a worn out look. They are designed to look good and make whoever has it feel special. These are the perfect gift for your near and dear ones or you can even get one just to treat yourself to something good.

These coach key chains are available at all the designer stores as well as at the online stores. If you go to the online stores these key chains are not very expensive. You can find a great number of offers on them and also special discounts on them. From online sites these can be even ordered in bulk to be given as takeaways at parties.

A coach keychain is not just an ordinary keychain, it’s a keychain that is designed with a lot of care just to make it look perfect for you. You can go and check out the various designs and get your coach keychain today.

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