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The Brandvoice Marketing Group

Brandvoice Marketing Group

The Brandvoice Marketing Group delivers business and marketing services across a number of key areas: branding, marketing communications, innovation, digital content creation and on-line marketing. Via our specialist sister companies we run events and launch parties and produce film and videos from virals to full blown TV commercials. Our BBC trained team also has numerous drama and Hollywood film credits

The Brandvoice Marketing Group was founded by Trevor Bradford and Bill Wallsgrove, two highly experienced creative and brand consultants each with over twenty years of experience building highly successful consumer (B2C) and business-to-business brands (B2B).

The companies in the group are:
1. Brandvoice Consultancy: a branding, communications and digital marketing business built from its foundations to be fit for purpose in the post-advertising era; a rapidly and ever changing world where everything and everyone is connected. We believe that this offers enormous opportunities for new, more efficient and measurable ways of marketing.
Brandvoice delivers marketing and creative solutions that captivate consumers at all available touch points, both on and off-line, ensuring that our clients have a consistent and cohesive “brand voice” across all media. We conceive, create and deliver dynamic and interactive content; beloved by both Google and the public, to engage our audiences, create dialogue and deliver measurable results.
Based on our extensive business experience across a broad range of categories, we have a number of proven services and products that build more effective and accountable brand communications.

2. Brandvoice Productions is a specialist film and video production company with enormous depth of experience in producing viral content for use on the web and social media. Their credits also include award winning TV commercials, documentaries, dramas and Hollywood blockbusters including amazingly successful Harry Potter series and several of the Bond movies. In addition, the team has also worked extensively in the music business providing innovative lighting and stage management for major artist’s tours and concerts.

3. Broccoli Events has recently become part of the Brandvoice Group with the intention of bringing brands and bands together for mutual promotional benefits.
Broccoli Events is all about live brand experiences and specialise in corporate entertainment, events, launch parties, festivals and music.  Broccoli is well connected in the music business and work with the best emerging talent on the thriving UK music scene. We create unique events at amazing venues working with bands, brands, businesses, broadcast media companies and charities. Before founding Broccoli Events the team has worked extensively in the music and TV industries and also have a artist management business: Broccoli Music.

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We are a marketing, branding and communications business built from its foundations to be fit for purpose in the post-advertising era; Branding and Digital Marketing or visit us at :