Are Guys Turned Off by Nice Girls?

Have you ever wondered why nice girls who seem perfect have a hard time getting the men they want? When does being nice become a turn off to men? What is it about nice girls that make guys go out the door? Guys are turned on by nice girls but they are just as easily turned off by certain things that they do. Read on and find out what guys don’t like about nice girls.

Are Guys Turned Off By Nice Girls?

Too agreeable

Are Guys Turned Off By Nice Girls?

There’s nothing wrong with being nice. The problem comes up when you’re just too nice it makes you easy. You say yes to practically everything that your man says, to the point of being too patronizing. Arguing and proving your point is part of a healthy relationship. Guys enjoy the thrill of the chase. This is why they are more drawn to girls who are more apt to say what is on their mind even when it’s the complete opposite of what their men think.

Are Guys Turned Off By Nice Girls?

The one thing with nice girls that turn guys off is they cease to be a challenge. He takes it for granted that you’ll agree to whatever he says so he wouldn’t make an effort to say something reasonable.
Allowing him to be in control

Are Guys Turned Off By Nice Girls?

This coincides with the first problem. Giving him full control of the relationship can also make the attraction fade as fast as it came. Power struggles are what makes a relationship interesting. You have to give something that is equal to how much you take. You can’t always give in and let your man control you.

Being too patient

Men are always bound to mess up. If you’re going to put up with every shortcoming, he’s going to make the same mistakes all over again. Men are like kids. They wouldn’t know what they’ve been doing wrong unless you tell them. If you keep tolerating bad behaviours like showing up late for your date or forgetting your anniversary, he will just think it’s okay to do so because you don’t mind. Stop being too much of a nice girl and speak up. Tolerating nonsense is one of the worst turn-offs that nice girls do.

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