Agoraphobia Definition

What is agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia Definition

There are two versions of agoraphobia definition. The original definition states that agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by the fear a wide open space. The word agoraphobia comes from the Greek word “agora” which literally means marketplace, plus the word phobia generally means fear. Combining these two words would then give you “fear of marketplace” as definition. In this version of agoraphobia Definition itself states that this condition is an abnormal fear of open space, situation, activity, or thing that makes a person want to avoid.

Later agoraphobia definition associates to other anxiety disorders such as panic attack and social anxiety with the development of avoidance behavior. This new version of agoraphobia definition is somehow different from the original one. The new version of agoraphobia definition states that agoraphobia is a condition characterized by the fear of losing emotional or physical control due to an ongoing panic attacks while being in a situation or place where panic attacks and escape may be difficult or embarrassing.

The severity of agoraphobia varies from person to person. Some people with agoraphobia live normally through keeping themselves away from any anxiety-provoking situations or to simply live away from places where there’s too much crowd. They become relatively homebound or even bedbound or choose to confine themselves just to avoid the feeling of intense fear. Some more severe case would lead to insanity and addiction, which effect later on becomes suicidal.

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