4 Key Fundamentals to Leadership

There are 4 Key Fundamental to Leadership that makes up a great leader.
These 4 fundamentals are broken down to the following categories Influence, Integrity, Inspiration and finally Improvement
Leaders are always in the game and in the game to win. They have a predetermined outcome already designed in their minds eye. They apply what Stephen Covey refers to as “Begin with the end in mind”.
Let’s review these Key Fundamentals of Leadership
Fundamental Leadership Key #1
Influence – ability to influence others to achieve a common goal. They do not bar orders they persuade and influence others to see and identify with the end goal in mind. They create buy in from those they are leading
Fundamental Leadership Key #2
Integrity – Leaders operate with a level of integrity beyond that of the average person. They have a level of awareness in their decision making process to ensure they say what they mean and mean what they say. Essentially this leadership quality is like an internal filter used prior to communicating with others. Its purpose is to ensure that what is being communicated is in line with the values and ethics of that particular leader. Bottom line is this leadership quality states “Am I going to do what I say I am going to do”
Fundamental Leadership Key #3
Inspiration – This quality allows the leader to inspire others, in creativity, free thought, achieving great heights, propelling one self to stretch beyond perceived or imagined boundaries. Inspiring others around them to realize the limitless potential that they have and in doing so excelling to achieve the desired goals.
Fundamental Leadership Key #4
Improvement – Leaders are always improving themselves. Leaders are constantly on a journey of self improvement and are not prone to arriving. This means they know they are always improving their skill and fundamental qualities to ensure they develop a level of mastery in the first 3 fundamental leadership keys.
Being a leader requires a commitment of ones self, a discipline, a love of what they do, and an unparalleled focused work ethic. They do what they love, are disciplined in the tasks at hand and are focused during their time of work. Developing mastery in the 4 fundamental leadership keys leads you along the path of success to what ever endeavor you choose.
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4 Key Fundamentals To Leadership

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4 Key Fundamentals To Leadership

4 Key Fundamentals To Leadership
4 Key Fundamentals To Leadership